LEEP 4 Youth

Enterprise and Economics Camps: After 3 years of running our high school reading and debating clubs we realized that the program wasn’t fun enough. We have now come up with a new program to replace that which will be more fun and relevant to the students participating and their parents. Our Enterprise and Economics Camps are aimed primarily at young people between the ages of 13-18. They equip young people with the basic skills to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities and act on them. The camps also bring economics to life by relating it to real world experiences as well as highlighting the fundamental role the market plays in helping people collaborate and coordinate. Each camp has its own theme.

  • Sense for Money: Sense for Money is a program we run for people of all ages who want to understand their personal finances better and thereby improve their management thereof. We employ gamification techniques to teach important concepts like saving, investing and so on. The program is sold to employers and schools as part of their employee wellness or student welfare program. We tailor each event to suit the particular needs of the school or employer.

  • Children’s Business Fair: In Africa we tend to overemphasize the need to secure a good safe job as the proper end of a good education. This thinking is increasingly outdated as economies slow, production shifts and nature of work changes due to technology and globalization. The Children’s Business Fair is an initiative that we hope will refocus attention and enthusiasm toward entrepreneurship by giving kids a chance to make products and sell them to the general public.