Coming Soon: Liberating Enterprise to Advance Prosperity SADC

SADC/SACU business environment monitor and index: We want to encourage a race to the bottom in terms of reducing hurdles to business and entrepreneurship across the countries of the Southern Africa by measuring the ease with which one can setup and operate a business across the region as well as the costs. The index will measure both direct costs as well as indirect costs that often go unreported in the big indices such as crime, corruption and poor public service delivery. An award is issued for the organization/individual doing the most to create a conducive environment for business.

Conscious Capitalism Charter for companies operating in the region to encourage responsible corporate citizenship. Unethical practices gives capitalism and the free market philosophy more broadly a bad name. Conscious Capitalism will provide businesses with an ethical framework to guide behavior in what can sometimes be difficult markets. An annual audit and scoring will be done with a prize given to top performers.