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About us

  • The Chevauchee Foundation was founded in 2014 by Nathan Tjirimuje and other young entrepreneurs in Windhoek.

  • The purpose of the Chevauchee Foundation since its founding has been to help in creating an environment in Namibia and Southern Africa that is conducive to entrepreneurship and in which individual liberty will be respected.

  • The main focus of the foundation has been working with students at high schools to explore economics, encourage entrepreneurship and foster a more liberal attitude amongst students. We will still continue this work while broadening our outreach to more segments of society through new programs and projects.

  • Some of these projects will be carried out directly by the foundation such as Sense for Money, Kiddies Business Fairs and Enterprise and Economics Camps.

  • Other projects will be carried out by affiliated organizations such as the NFEDN initiative and Conscious Capitalism clubs which will come online this year. Take some time to read more on each of them.